The Team

Amanda Clegg, Head of Operations

Jackie Stansfield, Head of Clinical Services and Development

Helen Wylde, Primary Care Development Manager

Mary Chadwick, Clinical Services Manager

Phil Prime, Finance and Business Support Manager

Dr Karen Clancy, Governance Lead

James McHale,Business Intelligence Analyst

Jill Adams, Independent Care Sector Representative

Mandy Davies, Project Manager

Kate Fisher, HART Liaison Officer

Sheila McNamee, HART Outreach Nurse

Natalie Maskew, HART Outreach Nurse

Tracy Thompson, Business Intelligence and Finance Support Officer

Julie Whitehead, Senior Administrator

Halima Khanom, Administrator

Gail Whitemoss, Administrator

Alex Fagan, Administrator

Primary Care Nurses

Elaine Stone, Senior Primary Care Nurse

Judith Charlton, Primary Care Nurse

Sarah Whittaker, Primary Care Nurse

Lynn Connolly, Primary Care Nurse

Clinical Pharmacists in Practice

Saima Ansar, Senior Clinical Pharmacist

Saiqa Aslam, Senior Clinical Pharmacist

David Reece, Senior Clinical Pharmacist

Aniqa Ahmad, Clinical Pharmacist

Hoang-Ngau Budge, Clinical Pharmacist

Nadia Shafi, Clinical Pharmacist

Social Prescribing Link Workers

Sue Moncaster, Social Prescribing Link Worker

Kathryn Rennie, Social Prescribing Link Worker

Mehek Asghar, Social Prescribing Link Worker

Samina Arif, Social Prescribing Link Worker

Graeme Hill, Social Prescribing Link Worker

Zahida Iqbal, Social Prescribing Link Worker

Primary Care Academy

Dr Gill Tonge, HMR Primary Care Academy Director

Dr Mary Cheshire, HMR Primary Care Academy Clinical Fellow

Dawn O’Brien, HMR Primary Care Academy Project Manager

Stephen Green, HMR Primary Care Academy Project Manager

Deborah Holden, HMR Primary Care Academy Practice Education Facilitator

Jenni Etchells, HMR Primary Care Academy Practice Education Facilitator

Josie Hynes, HMR Primary Care Academy Practice Educator Facilitator

Samantha Austin, Executive Assistant

Joseph Jones, HMR Primary Care Academy IT Trainer

Laura O’Brien, HMR Primary Care Academy Allocations Co-ordinator

Alison Greensmith, HMR Primary Care Academy Workforce Development Co-ordinator

Helena Stone, HMR Primary Care Academy Education and Training Co-ordinator

Nicola Nero, Training and Development Coordinator

Stacey Chantler, Training & Education Coordinator

Hashim Ramzan, Junior Content Producer Apprenticeship

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